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With this article we want to give you an insight into "XR" or Extended Reality. How is it used and what problems does "XR" have at the moment?

What is XR?

The term "XR" is the abbreviation for "Extended Reality" or "Cross Reality". Extended Reality" is translated as "augmented reality". XR describes the computer-generated perception of digital elements, in the real world or entire virtual worlds. This includes MR, AR and VR.

What is MR?

MR is also called "Mixed Reality". It is the fusion of physical reality with virtual reality. People, computers and the environment can interact with each other. MR is the mixture of AR and VR. You can find more information in the article "What is MR".

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What is AR?

The insertion of digital elements into the real world is called "augmented reality" (AR for short). AR can be used in many ways. For example, in the form of mobile phone or tablet applications. An app could be created that makes it easier to learn a new job. An example of this would be learning how to operate a new machine, in the automotive industry. The AR app could display digital instructions next to the machine, on the screen. More detailed information on the topic of AR can be found in the article "What is AR".

What is VR

VR, or "virtual reality", is a computer-generated virtual world. VR includes both games and applications. It enables an immersive gaming experience. With a successful immersion, the virtual world is perceived as real reality. This intensifies emotions. In a VR horror game, the fear factor can therefore be increased and jumpscares can become a terrifying experience. You can read more about this in the article "What is VR".)

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What is immersion?

Immersion describes the immersion in a virtual world that has a real effect on the player. It is often associated with VR and computer games. Further information on the topic of "immersion" can be found in the article "IT Lexicon Immersion".

Different areas

XR can be used in different areas. Examples include the entertainment and marketing industries, as well as education and healthcare. Entertainment includes movies and video games, as well as concerts and sports. The marketing industry also benefits from XR because it opens up new possibilities. One possibility would be to provide customers with an app that digitally integrates new products into their own homes. This also applies to real estate and architecture companies, as well as online shops. In education, XR can be used in the form of simulations. XR is often found in pilot, military and medical training, as it helps to change behaviour. Furthermore, XR can even combat phobias.

Application of the XR

Extended reality helps to improve the user experience with the help of 360-degree films. Furthermore, applications for companies or games that pursue an entertainment purpose can be created. XR can make work and learning processes easier and motivate users. In addition, the perception of the world can be changed permanently and sustainably in the future.

Problems of XR

Despite the many new possibilities opened up by XR, it also brings some problems with it. One aspect is that VR or AR glasses are still very expensive. In addition, there is a potential risk of addiction for gamers. Since immersion is stronger in VR than in "classic" computer games, the risk of being swallowed up by the virtual world is much higher. In addition, XR can lead to "motion sickness". This can cause dizziness, nausea and headaches. More details can be found in the article "What is Motion Sickness".


Extended Reality includes all computer-generated realities. This includes MR, AR and VR. In XR, perception is influenced by computer-generated elements. Either digital elements can be integrated into the real world or even a completely virtual world can be created. Despite some problems that still need to be fixed, XR opens up a completely new world and is expected to change the perception of the world permanently and sustainably

An article from Danielle Kern written on 25.08.2020


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