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Mixed Reality "MR" is a fusion of the physical world with the digital world. Find out more about this and how "MR" is created in this article.

Was ist MR?

The term "Mixed Reality" refers to the fusion of the physical world with a digital one. However, the abbreviation "MR" is most commonly used. MR is a mixture of AR and VR, as well as part of the XR.

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What is XR?

Extended Reality" (abbreviated to "XR") is the umbrella term for all generated worlds that combine digital or virtual elements with reality. This includes MR, AR and VR. XR is also called "Cross Reality". For more information, see the article "What is XR".

What is AR?

The best-known AR application in the gaming sector is currently "Pokémon GO". When the game came out in 2016, it created a real "hype". The game "Pokémon GO" used AR technology to expand the real world with Pokémon. Pokémon are monsters that can be trained. To train them, they first have to be caught. Thanks to AR, "Pokémon GO" has become one of the most successful applications.

What is VR?

The abbreviation "VR" stands for "Virtual Reality". "VR is an artificially generated world that takes place in a virtual space. The real world is completely faded out. The virtual space can also be adapted to a physical space so that the immersion works more effectively. For example, a virtual office can be created. The office contains a table and a chair, just like in the physical world. However, the office is in space. VR can also be used to create virtual game worlds. More on this is explained in the article "What is VR".

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What is Immersion?

Immersion describes the effect of being immersed in a virtual environment. This effect simulates a real-looking world. The term is often associated with computer games and VR applications. Further information on this topic is provided in the article "Immersive - What does it actually mean? Easily explained".

Difference VR and AR

Mixed reality consists of the intersection of humans, computers and the environment. This means that everything can interact with each other. For example, objects are bound to real objects by tracking. Because of this, a digital vase standing on a real table can move with the table when it is moved. As a result, the vase remains in the same place on the table as before. In contrast, AR objects are only projected into the real world and cannot interact with it. If the table from the example were moved in an AR application, the vase would now float in the air. VR, on the other hand, does not necessarily require real objects that merge with the virtual world. When moving the table, the player in VR would reach into the "void" while moving the table in virtual space.

Application of the MR

MR can be displayed with both holographic and immersive devices. Holographic devices, such as the "Microsoft HoloLens", are glasses for AR applications. They are used to place digital elements in the real world. The transparent display is intended to make the physical environment visible so that the fusion of real and digital objects is more effective. Mobile phones and tablets can also run AR applications. Immersive devices, are VR glasses that visualise a completely virtual world. In them, the real world is completely hidden. This provides an effective immersion. Consequently, a real effect is achieved and the player is completely immersed in the virtual world. The opaque display of VR glasses envelops the eyes so that the player is split off from the environment. One example of VR glasses is the "Oculus Quest".


MR is the fusion of the physical world with a digital one. It is part of XR and a mixture of VR and AR. Both holographic and immersive devices are used to visualise MR. The intersection of human, computer and environment is the crucial aspect that separates MR from AR and VR. Virtual and physical elements, in the form of human, computer and environment, can interact with each other.

An article from Danielle Kern written on 20.08.2020


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