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You want to know more about Game Based Learning? This article explains what Game Based Learning is and how Game Based Learning is used in everyday life.

What is Game-based Learning?

The term "game-based learning" is the process of incorporating playful elements into a learning context. Game-based learning serves the acquisition of knowledge and pursues an educational purpose. The focus here is on imparting knowledge. This process can be implemented both digitally and analogue.

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Serious Games

Serious games are games that are intended to impart knowledge in an entertaining way. This is why the name "serious" was chosen, as they have a serious character. They often have a learning purpose, which is why they are part of game-based learning. However, mainly digital games are developed here. In addition, the entertainment purpose is in the foreground. More details can be found in the article What is a serious game.

Educational Games

Educational games are games that focus on the learning aspect. They are therefore part of game-based learning. You can find more on this in the article What is a learning Game”.

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Application of Game-based Learning

Game-based learning is mostly used in educational and serious games. They help to convey complex content in a simpler and more understandable way. This is made possible by the innate play instinct. The use of game elements increases the motivation to learn. At the same time, players can be enticed by exciting challenges to help increase motivation. Game-based learning can start where classical learning methods have failed. Since the learning process is extremely difficult, this method supports the learning process as well as autonomous learning.

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Effective application

In order to use game-based learning effectively, the following aspects must be taken into account:

The learner must enjoy learning and constantly receive direct and individual feedback in order to increase learning success.

Competitive thinking and group dynamics can be improved with the help of ranking lists. Self-directed learning is promoted and an improved learning experience is made possible. The learning material must be adapted to the target group.

Different areas

Game-based learning can be found in a wide variety of educational settings. This includes both school education and the training and further education of employees in a company. For example, it is often used in economics and medicine.


Game-based learning is the process of incorporating playful elements into a learning context and imparting knowledge in the form of educational and serious games. With the help of exciting challenges and the use of game elements, the motivation to learn should be increased. The increase in motivation is achieved through the fun of learning and the constant, individual feedback. Game-based learning can be used in a wide variety of areas.

An article from Danielle Kern written on 15.07.2021

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